Who we are

Segelocum has two founding team members Andy Gibson and Tony Gallagher, supported as needed by qualified and experienced associates.

Segelocum was formed by a meeting of minds of two guys who had experience of making things work in difficult circumstances, and who were determined to help others who wanted to start grow or better manage their businesses.  These “others” have included some large corporations in EU, SME and governement agencies in the developing world, especially across Sub-Saharan and North Africa and more recently SME and some marginalised groups in UK.


Why Segelocum?

We have long experience of working in Sub-Saharan Africa (and North Africa) with a wide range of clients (governmental and private) across a range of industries, but especially SME growth and agriculture/agribusiness.

We also have experience of working with small business start-ups in challenging circumstances in the UK, and understand the difference between planning and reality.

So we understand the (often subtle) issues that arise from working across cultural, wealth and geographical divides. 

"Been there, done that and got the Tee-Shirt."


Our Philosophy

We are driven by triple bottom line:

Profit – unless there is a reward to be had, investors will not participate.  

People – business and business development is about people.  A company that fails to invest in its people is unlikely to grow over the longer term.  The people element includes all stakeholders (community, suppliers, clients and employees)

Planet – forward thinking businesses have already embraced their need to reduce their impact on the environment and, ideally, to leave the world a better place than you found it.

About us