Business Improvement Specialists

Working to improve businesses across the developed and developing world

What we Do:

  • Project and Business Set-up, Turn-round and Development – especially for the developing world and for marginalised groups in the developed world
  • Training in international trade and trade finance – understanding the risks and mitigation strategies of international trade and projects, especially finance and marketing issues

What we do


Who we have helped

Segelocum was formed by a meeting of minds of two guys (Andy Gibson and Tony Gallagher) who had experience of making things work in difficult circumstances, and who were determined to help others make things work.  The “others” included the developing world, especially across Sub-Saharan and North Africa and, more recently, SME and some marginalised groups in UK.

We can work with you to develop your business plan and help you seek finance for growth or start up phases, we also use a number of tools to review and challenge your current plans and outcomes.

We have also worked with other agencies to run practical, outcome-driven courses in the key aspects of:

business start-up & business plan development

international trade including market access

trade and project finance for large and small projects


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